Conspiracy Theory Monday- #WeekNine- Cure for Cancer being witheld?

This is a day late I am sorry I had a Saw marathon yesterday and forgot to post, I am a bad egg.

Now, this weeks theory isn’t one I have personally spent a lot of time looking in to, but upon hearing it has raised questions in the back of my mind. Some people believe FDA have a cure for cancer, but they are keeping it secret. Here’s a picture I found online that hit me;

It makes a good point if you look at it as a country who requires people to pay for health care’s point of view. FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration who are located in America which is where this theory will be talked in relation to. This theory has become wildly popular in more recent years with television shows even showing it such as Family Guy. The whole episode revolves around the idea that Carter was ill and miraculously got better and when Stewie and Brian investigated they found that he had suffered from Cancer and that there was a cure for it that was being withheld from the public.

This episode was aired in 2012 and gathered a lot of public attention. Although the theory had an established belief in the online community, it was rare for an American show to present to the audience that the Government might be lying to them.

Cancer is a huge industry. Sadly with the rise in cancer stats, there is a rise in need of treatment for it. (Shocking, right?) In America, citizens are required to take out health insurance and pay thousands for hospital treatments, which as a UK citizen with the NHS is shocking to me, but that’s another post for another day.  This article states that the treatment is rising in price as the years go on.

This is why people believe there is a cure for Cancer that the FDA is hiding. They believe the cure is being hidden because you make a lot more money treating cancer than you would by curing it.

Anyone else got any thoughts on this? I like to think this one is simply a theory as it would awful to hide a cure for cancer, but it is true. Companies make more treating it than curing it…


I am returning to blogging under the comfort of being anonymous. I will be blogging about day to day life, posting excerpts of my writing and posting wish lists and others.

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